WELCHIA's journal


hello! i'm currently typing this in my icefox browser, i dunno, i decided i want to change browsers so here i am lol umm yeah! they have a lot of javascript blockers installed and oh boy i was NOT ready for how much websites that were breaking [thankfully, only the music player and chatbox in mine only got disabled]. also it was a pain to import my passwords here. yeah. i imported my passwords. someday if i'm free i'll buy one of those diary lock things to, like, you know. put my passwords in, cause i don't like trying to remember them LMAO. but yeah. nothing much recently from me,, i'm trying to take a break from the net and da arg too... uh yeah. i was supposed to give my accs to my best buddy, but yea. okay bye


hey! something weird going on?

yep, i've decided to remake my website today! well, it's pretty plain but this is only what i can do at the moment. this site will be filled to the brim with so much graphics when i'm done! graphics made by yours truly! yeah. um. about the arg uh that's also partially why i'm not active here?? alongside you know.... school. i think i'll pursue whatever this is when i go to college. only time will tell. anyway since you're here please check out k's website! they're my buddy and they make great music, please support them! that's all, thank you


hi! short update! yes a lot of people on twitter are getting into the arg and there's a lot of people in the gc!! but anyway, i'll be revamping this website again soon! stay tuned!


hello everyone, i kind of forgot.

anyway, well..... honestly yes i've just been busy with net report just, this whole time. and i've actually gotten progress, i've helped retake some parts of the US. and, a while ago was very much one of the wildest. i've desperately, and successfully, manage to convince a bunch of internet folks to vote for something in a poll, cause it decides a specific character's fate, like a really important character.

and i did. he survived. with the help of yelling my ass in the replies, constantly retweeting and quote tweeting, and the timekeeper dude, i kept alex alive. and i had just attended his wedding. and i just passed out chugging a whole bottle of wine in the story. it's amazing

i love it here.

the internet is amazing. good night yall, i need to do my work and save the world from xanxon tomorrow.


i am back, friends.

some of you may probably have read my status cafe thingie like a long time ago,, and well, yeah, that's basically what i've been up to these past few days. i actually got into a group chat with other people who are also solving the ARG too, and well,, we basically became friends, kind of befriended the chars in the arg acc too lol. though recently,, one of them started becoming problematic, and well,, the others blocked them. i'm currently torn on what to do, because he's a friend i have gotten pretty close with...

for now. i'll isolate myself, and try to do things on my own. won't be active on twt itself, only focusing on the messages. i'll have to address it soon enough, i just hope he's okay with it.


belated happy new year everybody! i've currently been working on a bit of my website, unfortunately no nav yet, but i have gotten a comfortable css going on! i might be able to make a web manifesto who knows


psst.. guess who's back...! currently trying to figure things out once more, hope you dont mind me ;)